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The Live-in Caregiver Program is a special government program, whose objective is to bring workers to Canada to do live-in work as Caregivers, when there are not enough Canadians to fill the available positions. A live-in Caregiver is someone who provides care to children, the elderly or the disabled in a private household.

Terms of The Program. When assessing your job offer, Service Canada will primarily review the following:

The job offer must contain caregiving duties for a child, an elderly or disabled person in a private household.
The offered wage must be comparable to Canadian live-in caregivers based on the labour market information from Statistics Canada, Service Canada, provincial ministries, and other reliable sources.
The Employer must provide working conditions that are consistent with federal and/or provincial standards.
Sufficient advertising efforts must have been conducted to find qualified Canadians or foreign workers already in Canada before applying to hire foreign live-in caregivers.
The employment must be full-time and the Employer is not allowed to share the Caregiver's services with another Employer.
The employer must have sufficient income to pay a live-in Caregiver and he/she must provide acceptable accommodation in his/her home.

Validation of Offer of Employment. When Service Canada has validated your offer of employment, you will be provided with a letter of confirmation. Your offer will be sent to the appropriate visa office abroad. If your potential employee is considered to be eligible for the Live-in Caregiver Program and meets all other requirements, an Employment Authorization will be issued.

This may take several months, so plan ahead. Even if Service Canada approves your offer of employment, your Caregiver cannot work in Canada until he or she receives the employment authorization naming you as the Employer. SNI will maintain contact with your prospective Caregiver to determine when she will be able to begin working for you.

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